In Castro's Cuba, Some Things Never Change

Sunday, May 3, 2009
From the Morganton, NC News Herald:
Letter to the Editor: God Help the Cuban People

While serving on a U.S. Navy destroyer during the blockade of Cuba, I learned that the Cuban government (Fidel Castro) demanded that the 5,000 Cuban citizens employed by the Navy at Guantanamo Bay be paid in American dollars.

Each payday, his "revolutionaries" waited at the main gate as Cuban employees with their American dollars went home for the day. His thugs then forced the Cubans to exchange their dollars for pesos, thus robbing his own citizens.

I don't think it stretches credibility to assume that the Castro Communist government will practice the same kind of robbery with the money Obama has authorized relatives of Cubans to send or deliver to their kinsmen.
If this is Obama's plan to change policy toward Cuba, God help the Cuban people!
Connor Corkran
Morganton, N.C.