Must Be a Glitch in the Polls...

Friday, May 8, 2009
Sun-Sentinel Letter: Let Cuban Embargo Be

Who says that the Cuban embargo is not working? Not only does Castro not have money to refurbish buildings, but the economy cannot replace the cars from the 1950s, as depicted in your picture of the Capitolio building in a May 3 Outlook story.  He also doesn't have money to spread communism to Africa and Latin America.

Instead of trying to lift the embargo on Cuba as a way for the United States to expand economic avenues, the United States should place more emphasis on building economic relations with Latin America to make their economies stronger as a combatant to the spread of communism via Chávez's economic influence.

We cannot speak of lifting the Cuban embargo without dealing with human rights violations against dissidents in Cuba.  Should we sell our souls to the devil for the almighty dollar?  Isn't that what got us in trouble with Cuba in the first place, by selling arms to both sides in the revolution and then leaving the Cuban anti-rebel forces hanging during the Bay of Pigs?  I am not a Cuban "fanatic."  I am a Cuban-American liberal Democrat who voted for Obama and who is appalled at the behavior of the Congressional Black Caucus' last visit to Cuba.

Fernando J. Gutiérrez, Miramar