Orbitz, Champions of Cuban Apartheid

Saturday, May 9, 2009
If Orbitz had the decency to use its exposure to 14 million monthly visitors to advocate for Cuba's beleaguered political prisoners, human rights activists and pro-democracy leaders, they would become the champions of travel to a future, free Cuba.  Instead, they have chosen instant gratification, turning a blind-eye to Cuba's tragic realities.  In a week when the Cuban regime has imposed further controls and restrictions on its people vis-a-vis foreign tourists, Orbitz has sadly chosen to embrace and sponsor the Cuban regime's apartheid.
From the Chicago Tribune:
Cuba: Fantasy island for Orbitz?
Chicago-based travel site launches Web campaign seeking to overturn the U.S. government's longtime travel restrictions to Cuba
Blending commerce with politics, Chicago's Orbitz Worldwide is launching a campaign this week aimed at getting Congress to reverse a law that prohibits travel to Cuba for most U.S. citizens and green-card holders.