The Quest for Senator "Shameless" Continues

Friday, May 8, 2009
As one shameless Senator continues to block a resolution for Cuba's imprisoned journalists, another...

Sen. Martinez urges passage of resolution recognizing World Press Freedom Day

ORLANDO, FL - U.S. Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) today called for the U.S. Senate to move forward on a resolution expressing solidarity with the writers, journalists, and librarians of Cuba. The call comes after an effort to recognize the plight of imprisoned Cuban writers on May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day has been stalled in the Senate.

"There are Cubans locked behind bars in deplorable conditions, harassed and mistreated solely because they sought to exercise their fundamental right to free speech," said Martinez, the nation's first Cuban-American U.S. senator. "Our recognition and expression of solidarity with those seeking the same rights and freedoms upon which our nation is built is overdue; it sends a strong message to Cubans; and it sends a message to the world that we stand on the side of freedom and democracy."

The resolution names and calls for the immediate release of twenty-six individuals currently imprisoned in Cuba as identified by International PEN and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The United Nations General Assembly declared May 3rd of each year "World Press Freedom Day" to raise awareness of the importance of the freedom of expression and to remind governments of their obligation to respect the rights of free expression and of a free press.