A Shameless Senator

Thursday, May 7, 2009
How could any Senator be so shameless as to block a non-binding resolution simply calling for the release of unjustly imprisoned journalists in Cuba? Not a resolution about sanctions or U.S. policy, but about courageous men and women who have suffered outrageous consequences for reporting on the realities of Cuban life. It would be even more shameless if the "holding" Senator is one of the Co-Chairs of the Senate Caucus for the Freedom of the Press.

From the Miami Herald's Naked Politics:

So Mel Martinez wants to introduce a seemingly non-controversial resolution calling attention to the plight of Cuban journalists -- and calling for their release. His office even gets Indiana Republican Sen. Richard Lugar (who isn't necessarily on the same page with Martinez on Cuba policy) to co-sponsor.

But an unknown senator has apparently taken umbrage to the resolution and blocked it from advancing. Martinez's office is trying to ferret out the culprit. Any guesses?