Castro's Bourgeois Mattresses

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
How profound is the Castro regime's obsession with absolute power and control?

At the very least, enough to maintain a monopoly on mattress-production. Yes, the type you sleep on.

According to the Miami Herald, this monopoly has led to a severe shortage of mattresses on the island -- but only for the Cuban people that is, as any limited production is reserved for foreign tourists.

Furthermore, it has resulted in the proliferation of make shift mattresses in the black market.

These two paragraphs perfectly encapsulate this absurdity:

"In Cuba, the Mattress Giant is the communist state. It has granted the country's sole mattress-making concession to an outfit called Dujo Copo Flex, a joint Cuban-Spanish operation created in 2001.

The company annually produces 60,000 mattresses. Generally, they are designated for ritzy tourist hotels that don't cater to Cubans or sold through hard-currency stores run by the government."

However, there's also a sad, tragic, degrading and unfortunate reality regarding the Cuban people's desire to flee this absurd regime, in pursuit of freedom and a better tomorrow.

Mattresses float.