Europe's Last Ruling Communists Defeated

Thursday, July 30, 2009
According to the UK's Guardian, Europe's last ruling Communist party was today swept from power after pro-EU opposition parties in Moldova won a surprise victory in parliamentary elections.

With almost all of the results counted after yesterday's poll, the Communists received 45.1% of the vote, or around 48 seats in the 101-member parliament. The four largest opposition parties gained 50.7%, which would give them 53 seats.

Today's defeat for the Communists follows their slender victory in April during Moldova's last parliamentary election. The result led to violent demonstrations by young pro-opposition activists in the capital Chisinau, dubbed the Twitter revolution.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately, Belarus still remains Europe's sole dictatorship under the personal reign of Alexander Lukashenko. Hopefully, democracy can soon prosper in this anomaly and Europe can become the first fully democratic continent in history.