Fidel Ate All the Mangoes

Sunday, July 5, 2009
Tragically, this is not a joke. The Cuban regime's Granma newspaper has reported that fruit trees "have become practically extinct on the island," which will cause massive shortages and dramatically increase prices.

Prior to Castro's Revolution, Cuba was a net exporter of fruits and a host of other agricultural commodities. There used to even be a popular saying, "a year of mangoes, a year of hunger," inferring that regardless of how bad things got, there would always be mangoes.

Well, either Fidel ate all the mangoes with his yogurt, or the regime has managed to graze the island of all its fruit trees -- in the same manner it has destroyed buildings, roads, the sugar industry, cultural patrimony and most importantly, human lives.

However, something tells me that the breakfast buffets for foreign tourists in Varadero will not be interrupted during by crisis. Unfortunately, ordinary Cubans are not allowed in to verify.