Governor Beebe's Trip: A Fool's Errand

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Governor Mike Beebe of Arkansas is heading to Castro's Cuba today in pursuit of business opportunities with the island's dictatorship.

This is the Governor's first foreign trip while in office, and instead of going to a country with a democratic system, a private sector and a robust rule of law, the Governor has chosen to visit one of the most brutal, totalitarian regimes in the world.

Ironically, Beebe is heading to Cuba looking to sell products from Arkansas, just two days after Raul Castro delivered a major speech saying that Cubans would be returning to a feudal-style system of subsistence farming in order to slash imports, and just weeks after it was discovered that the Castro regime has frozen approximately $1 billion dollars in bank accounts held by foreign businesses on the island.

In other words, a fool's errand.

But to add insult to injury, State Rep. Robert Moore of Arkansas City, who is accompanying Governor Beebe on the trip, expressed disappointment that they had not yet confirmed a personal meeting with Fidel or Raul Castro.

"That would be a real nice sidebar to the trip," Moore told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The people of Arkansas are indeed fortunate to have never been subjected to a dictatorship that has executed, imprisoned and/or exiled approximately 20% of its population.

Count your blessings, Governor.