An Important Challenge for the OAS

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Yesterday, the Organization of American States ("OAS") vociferously advocated "the importance of strict adherence to and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms" in its Resolution to the Political Crisis in Honduras, AG/RES 1, (XXXVII-E/09).

Consistent with this declaration, and to ensure credibility, it would be imperative that the OAS and its Member States simultaneously proceed to vociferously challenge the egregious violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the Castro regime in Cuba.

Furthermore, if the Honduran government is suspended from the OAS for violating the terms of the Inter-American Democratic Charter ("Charter"), the OAS should immediately proceed to revoke the June 3rd resolution that terminated Cuba's suspension from the regional body, and issue a new resolution specifically enumerating the terms of the Charter -- of which the Cuban regime must strictly adhere to prior to readmission.

Finally, the OAS should press all of the Members States that are advocating for diplomatic and commercial sanctions against the non-democratic government of Honduras to extend similar sanctions towards the only other non-democratically elected government in the hemisphere, the Castro's Cuba.

Alternatively, the OAS building in Washington, D.C. would make an ideal location for the Smithsonian's upcoming Latino Museum.