Insulza, Malice or Hypocrisy?

Monday, July 6, 2009
Note the stark contrast in Organization of American States' ("OAS") Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza's remarks last week, "we are not going to Honduras to negotiate. We are going to Honduras to ask them to change what they have been doing."

Versus a month ago, "it should fall to Cubans themselves, through free and peaceful dialogue and without external interference, to find the most appropriate path to the wellbeing of the people."

And even more appalling, this week, Insulza stated that Fidel Castro was one of the legitimizing sources of the Cuban dictatorship, and stressed, "I say this with a great deal of respect and almost admiration for him [Fidel Castro]."

In other words, Insulza only supports "free and peaceful dialogue" with totalitarian dictatorships that do not allow the slightest hint of dissent, let alone "free and peaceful dialogue." However, anything less than a totalitarian dictatorship must unconditionally "change" without "negotiation."

At best, Insulza's "great deal of respect and almost admiration" for Castro has blinded his reason.