The "Island of Freedom"?

Friday, July 31, 2009
In a bid to have travel regulations towards the Cuban regime lifted, Travel Video News posted on its website:

"Cuba is a luring tourism destination. There are UNESCO world heritage sites as well as beautiful beaches."

It forgets to mention political prisoners, a totalitarian dictatorship, tourism and medical apartheid, constant surveillance, child prostitution, human trafficking, beatings, torture, harsh confinement in isolation cells, and political indoctrination. And of course, no mention of any human, civil and political rights, which are completely denied to the Cuban people.

But then, they proceed to absolutely lose their minds, or any ounce of dignity, in their blind-zealousness:

"Cuba may witness a surge of U.S. travelers coming to its shores. With the new U.S. president, the policy towards the "Island of Freedom" changes and it is possible that the travel ban restricting U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba will be lifted altogether."

Cuba, the "Island of Freedom"?

Just how blood-thirsty for a dollar are these people?