Zelaya's Psychic Intervention

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Honduran prosecutors are scouring through various computers found in the Central American nation's Presidential Palace, which purportedly contain the results of ousted President Manuel Zelaya's proposed referendum seeking to extend his constitutionally mandated term in office, according to Europa Press.

Here's the kicker -- the referendum was supposed to take place on June 28th, the day Zelaya was forcefully removed from office.

Therefore, Zelaya had already decided -- through some sort of "psychic intervention" -- what was best for the Honduran people.

While this evidence adds to the long list of illegal activities by Zelaya, it still does not justify his forced expulsion from Honduras. Zelaya remains entitled to due process of law in his own country.

Finally, judging by some of the "results" of the referendum that never took place, Zelaya's "intervention" placed support for his extended mandate at 80%, a middle ground between the 99% that Castro and the 55% that Chavez typically "intervene" for themselves.

A Solomonic judgment indeed.