Juanes Experiences Castro's 1984

Thursday, September 24, 2009
In Castro's Cuba, foreign tourists always trump the people.
According to news services from Havana, the premises for Colombian rock star Juanes' "Peace Without Borders" concert in Revolutionary Square was divided into two parts, with the front area reserved for foreign visitors and VIP guests with "special passes" from the Castro regime.
Spain's EFE reported that the division sparked protests from Juanes himself.
Despite prolonged negotiations to remove the divisory barricade, Cuban state security refused to do so.

Then, Juanes got a taste of the Cuban regime's absolute control over the Cuban people's life.
In video footage that has emerged of his confrontation with Cuban officials over the barricade, Juanes angrily argues: 

"This is over, we're leaving!  We are very upset, very upset.  We came to sing to young Cubans and that's why we're here, but we've encountered very strong obstacles and we're done!"
But here's the kicker, Juanes then tells the official:
"I've just noticed that the person who served me breakfast and drove my taxi has shown was at the concert and is now back there taking notes.  I will not go back to my hotel room."
If that's how they treat an international rock star, just imagine what the Cuban people encounter on a daily basis.
Welcome to Castro's 1984.