Chavez Seeks Midas Touch (For Himself)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
According to the AP:

U.S. mining company Gold Reserve Inc. said Tuesday that President Hugo Chavez's government has seized control of its lucrative Venezuelan gold mine as socialist authorities assert control over the nation's mineral resources.

Ironically, it was also reported today that Chavez's personal extravagances -- by means of his Presidential budget -- have risen 600 percent from last year. The Venezuelan National Assembly approved a $2.2 billion dollar budget for Chavez's exquisite taste, compared to $350 million last year.

Sadly, this takes place as Chavez condemns the Venezuelan people to greater austerity measures, such as taking 3-minute "communist showers" in order to save water.

Gold for Chavez, "communist showers" for the people.