Raul "the Reformer" Emulates Louis XVI

Friday, October 30, 2009
Food riots were the central element of rebellion during the French Revolution that began in 1789.

Louis XVI's royal policy of strict control over the trade and production of grain led to waves of food rioting that essentially politicized the debate over the people's right to subsistence.

Within months, these riots led to end of monarchical rule in France, and within a few years, to Louis XVI's execution by guillotine.

Apparently Castro has not taken notes.

According to the AP:

Cubans fear more control of farmers markets

Public outcry erupts over government's push to cap costs at 'agros'

HAVANA - The habanero peppers, oranges and peanuts cost more at Cuba's free-market "agros" — farmers markets where vendors, not the government, set prices. But food stalls overflow with abundance not seen elsewhere on the shortage-plagued island.

So when the Communist Party served notice that it plans to impose price controls at those agros — ending one of Cuba's few capitalist experiments — angry shoppers fearing yet more shortages turned on state inspectors in an unprecedented public rage.

Police were called to one farmers market this month when customers shouted and chanted at state workers conducting a routine inspection. Two Associated Press reporters were escorted out of the same market Tuesday after their questions about the changes caused another shouting match.