Message to Yoani Sanchez

Sunday, November 22, 2009
You are undoubtedly a heroine, not to mention the future of Cuba.

Regardless of any disagreement that we may have regarding U.S. policy towards Cuba, we certainly respect your right to voice that disagreement, as we're confident you respect our right to disagree.

That is the diversity of our views (and the roots of a future democracy).

Yet, any disagreement is minimal within the context of our fundamental agreement that the human rights of the Cuban people must be respected; that an end to the Castro regime's brutal dictatorship is imminent; and that a process of democratic change must take place.

That is the unity of our purpose.

Such diversity of views, in furtherance of this united purpose, make our Cuban family stronger.

So within our family, please indulge us with the following recommendation:

When you were abducted and assaulted by the Castro regime's thugs on November 6th, not one of the current 178 Members of Congress that have co-sponsored legislation to unconditionally lift tourism sanctions towards Cuba -- nor its advocates -- raised their voice in concern or condemnation.

Similarly, Friday's physical attack by the regime's thugs against your husband, Reinaldo, did not seem to disturb the conscience of those Members of Congress, nor their advocates. It was, once again, met with disturbing silence.

Yet, the same people that urged you to weigh-in on behalf of their views during last week's Congressional hearing on US policy towards Cuba, have left no stone unturned, exerting all of their energy and efforts, to exploit your views for their political gain.

Simply put, they seek to take advantage of our family's diversity, in the hopes of hindering our united purpose.

Therefore, we respectfully ask:

Make sure to hold them accountable for their silence.

In the meantime, we will continue working hard to do so.