Yoani's Husband Attacked

Saturday, November 21, 2009
Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez's husband, Reinaldo Escobar -- an independent journalist and blogger in his own right -- was attacked by Castro regime thugs yesterday.

Pursuant to the November 6th assault and abduction of his wife, Yoani, Escobar had challenged -- in a blog post -- her attackers to a "verbal dual" on a Havana street corner.

Apparently, the Castro regime reads Reinaldo's blog (despite censuring it from the remaining Cuban population), for a prearranged group of thugs were waiting for him at the indicated street corner, screaming obscenities, then physically assaulting him.

Take note of the picture below.

Reinaldo (in the purple shirt) is being aided by two colleagues. The white band on his friend's wrist is a CAMBIO band, which means CHANGE.

And that's exactly what the ancient Castro regime is afraid of.