Spring Breakers Only Need Apply

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
According to The Oregonian:

"A humanitarian aid group from the First Unitarian Church of Portland was allowed to leave the Havana airport today, after being detained by Cuban authorities.

Nine members of the group were held in the airport overnight for unexplained reasons while five others were sent back Saturday to Cancun, Mexico, where their flight to Cuba originated."

Apparently, the Castro regime was not very accommodating,

"[Carol] Rossio, [a church member], said e-mails from detainees indicated that Cuban authorities appeared to be expecting them and intercepted them as soon as they landed. Some of those detained were in their late 70s, and found it uncomfortable to sleep on the airport's cold concrete floor."

An what was the purpose of this trip by the First Unitarian Church?

"[Rev. Kate] Lore, [the church's social justice minister], said the 14-member group was bringing medical supplies and planned to paint a health clinic."

Moral of the story: Unless your trip produces hard-currency for the Castro regime's apartheid beach resorts, retail stores, nightclubs and restaurants, you are not welcome in Cuba.