Raul's (Greedy) Year in Review

Thursday, December 31, 2009
The year 2009 can be easily summarized for the dictatorship of General Raul Castro:

On the political front, there have been absolutely no reforms. To the contrary, the regime's repression against pro-democracy leaders and human rights activists sharply increased, as documented by the Cuban Committee for Human Rights (CCHR) and Human Rights Watch (HRW).

On the economic front, the regime has cut the importation of foodstuffs and other basic goods (including toilet paper), reduced energy consumption (imposing dramatic shortages), confiscated approximately $1 billion from the bank accounts of foreign businessmen and froze debt payments to creditors.

All of this, courtesy of the political and economic greed of the Castro brothers and a handful of their cronies.

May 2010 witness an end to this obsessive greed.