The (Self-Appointed) King is Dead

Saturday, January 2, 2010
According to the AP:

A panel of Afro-Cuban priests are predicting a year of social and political unrest, struggles for power, treachery and coups d'etat, and they say the world will see the death of an inordinate number of political leaders in 2010.

In the forecast announced Saturday, they recommended older leaders move aside and make room for the young, a politically delicate statement in a country that has been led by brothers Fidel and Raul Castro for more than half a century.

''The older generations should pass their experience on to young people because times change, and the younger generation is better prepared,'' said Victor Bentancourt, one of the island's leading Santeria priests, or babalawos. ''Time is growing short'' for such a change.

They said the year could be summed up with the saying: ''The King is dead; long live the King'' the traditional shout announcing a monarchical succession.

EDITOR'S NOTE: May Olofi help us.