Punk Rock in the PRC

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Similar to Cuba's Gorki Aguila and Porno Para Ricardo, China's punk rockers are also challenging tyranny through their hard-hitting lyrics.

One of these bands, Demerit, has a popular anthem of discontent towards China regime, entitled "Bastards of the Nation."

Its lyrics scream:

"Why the f--- am I loyal to you/ We don't wanna be your victim of greed/ Sick of you, no future for us/ How many people die in famine/ No way, no control... Send me to work, send me to war/Send me to waste my life for you/ Hate for you, no future for us/ We are just bastards of the nation."

Make sure to see photographer Matthew Niederhauser's brilliant picture gallery on China's punk rockers in Foreign Policy Magazine.