Farinas' Health Worsens

Sunday, March 28, 2010
According to the AFP:

Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas, who has been on a full hunger strike for 28 days, has a staph infection and is in the early stages of a battle against septic shock that could kill him, his mother told AFP Sunday.

Farinas is the second case of a recent strike by a political dissident in Cuba, the Americas' only one-party communist regime.

The fate of dissidents has brought an international outcry from Europe and the United States as well as from human rights groups.

"My son is on the verge of a major complication that will put his life in danger. He is very unwell and could go into septic shock," said Farinas' mother Alicia Hernandez, 75, who is a nurse, from her home in Santa Clara 280 kilometers (168 miles) east of Havana.

An independent news blogger and psychologist by training, Farinas, 48, launched his fast the day after political prisoner Orlando Zapata died on the 85th day of his own hunger strike.

Farinas has been protesting the treatment of 26 political prisoners needing medical attention in Cuba; he wants the prisoners freed.