More Canadian "Solidarity"

Sunday, March 28, 2010
Another reminder of why the U.S. should not mimic Canada's morally bankrupt, tourism and trade, policy towards Cuba:

Cuba, a great place to meet fellow Canadians

I'm always amazed at the number of people who read my weekly travel column. And the proof is in the outcome.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Sandman Signature Hotel in Toronto located near Pearson International Airport.

In the piece, I mentioned the classy hotel is one of the airport area's best-kept secrets.

I've stayed there a half dozen times and it is not only conveniently located minutes from the airport, but the hotel provides free parking for up to a week -- something most Toronto hotels charge an additional $25 or more.

Since the piece appeared, at least a dozen Chatham-Kent residents made reservations at the hotel either prior to their flight or upon their return.

Most were heading off to Mexico, the Caribbean, Jamaica, Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

I also mentioned in last week's column the super deal available in Cuba -- an all-inclusive, one-week stay at Club Rancho Luna Resort in Cienfuegos, Cuba, for a total price of $400.

It sounded too good to be true. But a friend pointed me to the Red Tag Vacation site on the Internet.

Guess where I am today? You're right -- bathing in the warm sunshine on the beach at Club Rancho Luna for $400 Cdn. I couldn't

It marks my third visit to the resort, which is extremely popular with a large group of seniors from Canada's east coast.

I met the friendly group last year around the swimming pool. Most spend their times playing cards under the shade of banana trees or tell far-fetched stories about their childhood days in the Maritimes.

It's great being surrounding by a large group of fellow Canadians at a faraway destination.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Meanwhile, just miles away, the largest -- per capita -- political prisoner in the world is languishing, pro-democracy activists are dying in hunger strikes and women are being dragged through the streets for demanding freedom. Apparently, the screams don't make it past the walls of these apartheid, all-inclusive resorts. Or maybe they do, and they just don't care.