Child Prostitution in Castro's Resorts

Monday, May 17, 2010
The Castro regime's state security can find a UBS memory stick in the most remote dissident's home; it can effectively exclude Cubans from hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and other tourist-only facilities; it can censure all communications, wiretap the population, scramble radio and television transmissions, and even arrest an elderly American for helping connect the Jewish community to the Internet.

Yet, it can't control the overt peddling of child prostitutes within its own state-owned, apartheid, tourist resorts?

Or does is it turn a blind-eye for profit?

Spain's El Mundo newspaper reports on this repulsive practice in Cuba's tourism industry:

Blonds, brunettes, mulatas [mixed-race] and black. "They are very young, my dear, but if you want 12 or 13-year olds, you'll have to pay more," says Ileana in a maternal tone. The madame then recites in a lower voice, "one night, 20 convertible pesos, two lesbians, 20 per head. What I have is first-rate, modest girls that aren't full time whores, some students," she clarifies as she describes the quality of her merchandise.

Courtesy of Castro's totalitarian package.