The FARC's Geopolitical Base

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Colombia's El Espectador newspaper revealed a secret intelligence report documenting the operations of the narco-terrorist group, FARC, in Venezuela and Cuba.

It shows the existence of cross-border guerrilla camps and the strategic triumvirate created to export Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's authoritarian model to Colombia.

In Venezuela's border, there are 1,500 FARC guerrillas spread amongst 28 camps designated to "provide relief to combatants that come from Colombia and to give them first aid." The border area is also used for narcotics air flights.

Furthermore, the report identifies Cuba as a geopolitical and economic center of the FARC's activities.

It describes a visit that FARC representatives, Liliana López Palacio, alias Olga Lucía Marín and Orlay Jurado Palomino, alias Hermes Aguilera, paid last August to Cuba, to discuss the group's international political initiatives.

One of these FARC representatives, Olga Marin, receives a $5,000 monthly stipend through the Cuban bank account of a Venezuelan government entity.