The State-Church Monologue

Sunday, May 23, 2010
A meeting between the self-appointed leaders of the Cuban dictatorship and Catholic Church have brought about much news and speculation.

Nonetheless, this meeting is as noteworthy for those excluded, as for those included.

Cuban-blogger Yoani Sanchez makes the precise point in the Huffington Post:

"There is limited discussion with that very important part of the nation not called to meet: civil society groups and associations. Something that is the responsibility of military and citizens, Catholics and atheists, party supporters and dissidents, should not be discussed only among those in uniform or cardinal's robes. Conspicuous by their absence in these meetings are the spokespeople of the injured people of Cuba, who have sons, husbands and fathers condemned for political reasons. How can you intercede for the injured without giving them, also, a chance to express themselves, without allowing them to be represented there, where their fate is being spoken of."