A Den of Terror

Friday, July 2, 2010
Last month, the Cuban Catholic Church began a series of negotiations with the Castro regime.

As a result of these negotiations, the Church heralded the transfer of 12 political prisoners to penitentiaries closer to their home provinces. Allow us to stress "transfer," not "release."

One of those transferred was Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, who is serving a 20-year sentence for his pro-democracy advocacy. Herrera was transferred from the Provincial Prison of Holguin to the Combinado de Guantanamo Prison -- The Real Guantanamo Prison.

So how does he feel about these transfers?

"I want to denounce to the international community that these transfers are nothing more than another farce by the regime. It is trying to win itself time. There's no good will gesture here, there's only physical and psychological torture," Herrera said.

An how does he feel about his new prison facility?

"It's a den of terror."

The following picture was drawn by a Cuban political prisoner -- and smuggled out -- for the world to witness what they suffer: