Orlando Zapata's Mother Brutally Assaulted

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
On Sunday, the mother of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a Cuban political prisoner who died in February pursuant to an 85-day hunger strike, was brutally assaulted by the Castro regime's thugs in her hometown of Banes.

Orlando's mother, Reina Luisa Tamayo, was intercepted and assaulted by state security agents as she tried to attend Sunday Mass along with her family and other pro-democracy activists.

Unfortunately, Cuba's Cardinal Jaime Ortega was too busy lobbying the Obama Administration in Washington, D.C. for concessions for the Castro regime to intervene.

"They'd punch and kick me in the back. They would punch my children to provoke them. My son has a huge bump on his head," said Tamayo.

She's calling upon the international community to scrutinize the Castro regime's repressive actions against herself, her family and other pro-democracy activists in Banes. Otherwise, she fears "many deaths along the Carretera del Embarcadero (the street where she lives)," due to the regime's impunity.

But don't believe us, these pictures speak for themselves.