From Iran (to Castro), With Love

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
The following official statement was released by the Iranian dictatorship today:

The enemies cannot ruin the deep and friendly relations between Iran and Cuba through false words.

The president asserted: "The relations between Iran and Cuba are deep and extensive; enemies cannot ruin the relations of the two countries."

Dr.Ahmadinejad during his travel to New York to attend UN General Assembly visited the Cuban foreign secretary; Iran and Cuba have been in one front more than 30 years and today with a joint perspective are also after improving the level of their relations on all sectors.

The president mentioned: "Nation of Iran reveres highly for the revolutionary personality of Fidel Castro; today the enemies are after defaming the revolutionary personality of Mr. Fidel Castro through gossip-mongering and false news. We must be careful that the respectable characters like Fidel Castro will not grow defamed."

Dr.Ahmadinejad added: "The deep and friendly relations of the two countries have not newly been created that some people through false remarks ruin it."

The foreign secretary of Cuba also in this visit touched upon this point that Iran and Cuba are two revolutionary countries against domination; Cuba and Fidel Castro per se are interested in Iran and shows special reverence for the supreme leader of Iran and supports Iran's rights in the international subjects.

The foreign minister of Cuba said that the media propaganda against Fidel Castro has begun because he announced his cohesion against any risk of military attack on Iran; recently the media dependent upon US and Zionists began propaganda against Fidel Castro.

He stressed on this matter that Fidel Castro has not made any recommendation and proposal regarding holocaust to Iran, and pointed out; his position is respecting and appreciating the Islamic Republic of Iran and the cases quoted from him on holocaust has nothing to do with the positions of Iran in this regard, and the US and Zionistic newspapers have presented an absolutely different concept out of his remarks, of course Mr. Fidel Castro issued a statement on this regard.

The foreign minister of Cuba in this visit delivered the letter of Fidel Castro to Dr.Ahmadinejad; Mr. Castro stressed: "His behavior and position on Iran still are stable."