In Denial of Free Elections

Thursday, November 18, 2010
It's one thing to be ideological. That's fine.

It's even one thing to be partisan. That's fine too.

But it's a whole other thing to be blindly and absurdly unattached from all reality.

So leave it to Daily Kos to post, "On Cuba policy, Cuban-American politicians are increasingly outside mainstream."

And not just any mainstream -- the Cuban-American mainstream!


Were they on vacation on November 2nd, when a Florida Congressional candidate that supported unconditionally easing sanctions lost the Cuban-American vote by over 50 points? That's right, by over 50 points.

What type of elitism and audacity does it take to state that the elected Members of the Cuban-American community don't reflect the free will of their electorate?

Essentially, the same as it takes to defend a brutal dictatorship that denies its people the fundamental right to express theirs.