Ladies in White Attacked Again

Friday, December 10, 2010
From Argentina's Momento 24:

On Human Rights Day, the Ladies in White were attacked

According to what Europa Press reported, "Las Damas de Blanco were attacked on Thursday by dozens of government supporters after they marched through the streets of Havana to celebrate the Human Rights Day."

The same agency adds, "The women left the house of Laura Pollan, one of the leaders of the group, with white gladioli and copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations in hand with the intention to gather at 18:00 on Thursday about Martin Luther King Memorial in Havana."

"However, shortly before reaching the statue of the American pastor about 80 people began to surround the ladies with the intent to disrupt the march. 'They shouted slogans like "Viva Fidel!, Viva Raul!, Viva Cuba libre!, Here's you respect human rights!' Reina Luisa Tamayo said, mother of a prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata, who died last February."

The woman, who denounced the attacks they suffered when they tried to escape the siege that they had undergone said "We know they were secret police agents of the government because even though they were dressed in plain clothes, sometimes we see them with military uniforms, because we know them."

"A huge mob surrounded us and started to beat, repression was very big and very violent against us, we marched peacefully. They told us horrendous words, there was shoving, hair pulling, kicking and stomping."