Freudian Slip on Cuba Travel

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
In announcing the Obama Administration's expansion of U.S. airports authorized to host charter flights to Cuba for "purposeful" travel, the International Business Traveler (IBT) seems to have suffered a Freudian slip.

The Obama Administration argues that it's "purposeful" travel policy is aimed at helping the Cuban people.

And just last week, at a hearing in the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held steadfastly that the goal of this policy is "not to please the Raul Castro government."

Well, taking Secretary Clinton at her word -- if it's not the goal, then it's definitely an unintended consequence.

As the IBT let slip:

"The move is being perceived as a great beginning to support Cuba's failing economy by providing additional resources."

In case you still have any doubt, a recent IMF Report reached the same conclusion.