Will Carter Meet With the Ladies in White?

Monday, March 28, 2011
Or will he only meet with those approved by the Castro regime?
To his credit, during President Carter's previous visit in 2002, he did meet with some pro-democracy leaders. 
However, it doesn't seem to be on the agenda this trip.
From EFE:
Cuba's Ladies in White willing to meet with Carter

Cuba's Ladies in White said they will continue their activities in defense of human rights following the release of all "Group of 75" dissidents
, and are willing to meet with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter during his visit to the island this week.

Laura Pollan, one of the spokeswomen of the organization that seeks freedom for the nation's political prisoners, said they will continue the struggle for the release of dissidents, for a change in the laws that allow Cubans to be jailed "for speaking freely, and to secure respect for human rights."

"The existence of the Ladies in White has not ended as many think, the Ladies in White will be around for a while," Pollan said, referring to the release last week of all Group of 75 prisoners still in jail.

Pollan described Sunday as "special" because after eight years, not one of the 75 dissidents sentenced in the wave of repression of the "Black Spring" of 2003 remains behind bars.

"Though the Group of 75 dissidents are now free or out on parole, our marches and activities will continue as always," Pollan said upon returning from the march the group carries out every Sunday after attending Mass at a Havana church.

"We are open to any invitation he might make us, though we don't know what is on his agenda and we do know that he comes at the invitation of (Cuban President) Raul Castro," Pollan said.