(Shamelessly) Promoting Sex-Tourism to Cuba

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
This will get your blood boiling.

Babalu Blog has exposed several websites promoting sexual tourism to Cuba owned by Rob Sequin, editor of the Massachusetts-based website, Havana Journal.

Sequin once labeled CHC as being "dangerous to American freedoms" for opposing Congressional efforts to unconditionally authorize tourism travel to Cuba.

If by "freedoms" Sequin means allowing his audience to prey on vulnerable men and women repressed by a ruthless dictatorship (which has proven to enthusiastically profit from sex tourists) -- then call us "dangerous."

Sequin was also a constituent of former U.S. Rep. Bill Delahunt (D-MA), a favorite of the Castro brothers.

As regards Delahunt, he once stated

"The congressman's staff has been a fantastic source of information and has introduced me to some very knowledgeable and influential people in the Cuba arena."

Fascinating.  But it gets worse.

Last week, Sequin was invited to participate in the Roots of Hope annual conference, held at Boston College.

At the conference, he shared the stage and conference agenda with representatives of the U.S. and Cuban Catholic Church, all of whom zealously lobby to unconditionally lift sanctions against the Castro regime -- a Shakespearean irony, of sorts.

Upon being informed about the sex-sites (better vetting next time), Roots of Hope posted a condemnatory statement -- in response to which Sequin first apologizes (in the comments section), but then adds insult to injury:

"[T]he main purpose of the site was designed to be more educational featuring YouTube videos and main stream news articles."
Here's a direct quote from Sequin's website, sexincuba.com:

"Seriously, Cuba is the place to get laid... man, woman, straight or gay! There may not be freedom of speech but there certainly is freedom of sex."

Does that sound educational?

Let's pray that's not what the Treasury Department has in mind when issuing "educational travel" licenses to Cuba.
Which brings up another question -- what type of license does Sequin travel to Cuba under?

Regardless, he's obviously violating the terms of the license.