What is Courageous?

Saturday, May 28, 2011
Last week, Spain's Foreign Minister, Trinidad Jimenez, once again insisted that the European Union unilaterally lift its diplomatic sanctions against the Castro regime.

During a visit to Brazil, Jimenez not only reiterated Spain's plea to embrace Castro, but (absurdly) stated that Cuban dictator Raul Castro "has been courageous" in adopting certain economic "reforms."

Most observers (including President Obama) have seen right through Raul's farcical reforms.

But even if they were significant -- what is so "courageous" about it?

Courageous means not to be deterred by danger or pain.

Courageous are those Cubans that stand up -- at the risk of beatings, torture and imprisonment -- against the Castro regime's totalitarian control.

Courageous are the women that sustain physical violence and abuse from Castro's secret police for their peaceful pro-democracy activism.

Meanwhile, those that hide behind armed repressive forces to stay in power indefinitely -- and submit an entire population to misery due to their selfishness -- are nothing but ruthless cowards.

It's this type of twisted logic that showed Spain's socialist government the door during last week's local and regional elections -- and will do the same during next March's national elections.