Castro Advises Chavez: Attack Women

Thursday, July 7, 2011
Castro's advice to Hugo Chavez during his month-long stay in Havana:

Attack female opponents of the regime.

From Venezuela's El Universal:

MP María Corina Machado assaulted after bicentennial parade

A mob attacked deputy María Corina Machado (Independent-Miranda state) when she left the military parade staged on Tuesday at Los Próceres promenade, southwest Caracas, to commemorate the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence.

Lieutenant Colonel (Army) Marcos Álvarez was injured as a stone hit him on the head, while Machado was hit on the face with a bottle.

Sound familiar?

From Reuters:

Cuban police haul protesting "Ladies in White" away

Cuban police grabbed members of the opposition group "Ladies in White" by their hair, dragged them into a bus and drove them away to break up a protest march on Wednesday.

The white clothes the women traditionally wear were smeared with mud as they resisted policewomen forcing them into a bus. Government protesters shouted insults at them for the second day in a row.