The "Cost" of Cheap Sneakers

Saturday, July 16, 2011
Last week, we published a column on U.S. policy towards Cuba vs. China, entitled "Freedom First vs. Business First."

Here's an interesting follow-up.

Has U.S. policy helped make China "the pièce de résistance" of tyranny?

If so -- at what cost?

(Aside from getting cheap sneakers and other consumer goods).

From Democracy Digest:

Is the world’s leading democracy about to cede global supremacy to its most powerful authoritarian state?

Yes, according to public opinion in 15 of 22 nations surveyed
in the new PEW Annual Global Attitudes Project poll.

In most regions, the United States enjoys improved favorability ratings than over the past decade, but the balance of global opinion is that China either will replace or already has replaced the US as the world’s hegemon. This conviction is most widespread within some of the world’s other leading democracies in Western Europe, where 72% in France, 67% in Spain, 65% in Britain and 61% in Germany expect Communist China to best the U.S.