Obama Licenses Corporate Jets to Cuba

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
While U.S. President Barack Obama aggressively targets corporate jet owners and carriers (in rhetoric and taxes), his Treasury Department keeps licensing corporate and personal jets for travel to Castro's Cuba.

But wait a minute -- wasn't Obama's Cuba policy aimed at family, religious and academic travel?

Either those family travelers, missionaries and students are doing really well -- or Obama's Cuba policy is disingenuous.

Here is a short-list of some the corporate jet providers authorized for travel to Cuba by the Obama Administration:

Omega World Travel, Personal Jet Charter, Corporate Air Charters, Golden Airlines, Gulfstream Airlines, National Jets, Universal Aviation, and most recently, Malone Charters.

Perhaps these corporate jets are intended for those licensed under Obama's new "people-to-people" category -- e.g. Harvard Alumni Association, Corcoran Gallery of Art and Insight Cuba's expensive tour junkets.

Yet, it's hard to imagine these "people-to-people" travelers interacting with ordinary Cubans -- as their specific license requires -- when they can't even share a plane with ordinary people.

What a farce.