Zombies Rule Havana

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
In the new horror film, Juan de los Muertos ("Juan of the Dead"), zombies overtake Havana and begin causing unrest.

Yet, the Castro regime insists that they are actually U.S-backed dissidents.

Just wait until U.S. Senator John Kerry finds out.

But seriously.

In an interview with The Guardian, Cuban writer-director Alejandro Brugues explains:

"[The film] makes observations about who we are... A government which blames the US for everything. A people who are very passive. And then when confronted with a crisis we go into business."

He goes on to note:

"I was walking through Havana one day and looked at the expressions on people's faces. Zombies. They didn't even need make-up."

Don't miss the just-released debut trailer: