Odebrecht Rejected for Support of Tyrant

Thursday, August 25, 2011
Brazilian construction company Odebrecht has never met a tyrant it didn't want to do business with.

In June, we posted about Odebrecht's partnership with the Castro regime's military and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez -- particularly insensitive ventures considering it is also the largest contractor of Miami-Dade County (home to the victims of these dictatorships).

Fortunately, such unscrupulous behavior never pays in the long-run.

Today, news reports indicate that Libya's Transition National Council have given Brazilian diplomats the cold-shoulder due to their support of -- and the extensive business dealings of Odebrecht and Petrobras with -- the Gaddafi regime.

Kudos to Libya's courageous freedom fighters.

Will the free people of Miami-Dade County and their local representatives finally do the same?