Miami-Dade County Should be Ashamed

Friday, September 9, 2011
According to The Miami Herald:

The Port of Miami has given the greenlight to begin reinforcements of its cargo port — work required before its deep dredge project begins next year. The U.S. unit of Brazilian giant Odebrecht S.A. has clinched the project.

Odebrecht Construction Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of the giant Brazilian conglomerate, Odebrecht S.A., is set to begin work this month on improvements to the Port of Miami’s wharfs after Miami-Dade County Commissioners last week awarded a $57.1 million contract to the firm.

As you may recall, Odebrecht is the same company that has partnered with the Castro regime's military to expand the Port of Mariel facility in Cuba's northern coast. It is also a willing partner of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez in a host of construction projects.

Thus, it seeks to profit from both the repressors and the victims of repression.

Sadly, Miami-Dade County failed to stand on the side of the victims of repression that elected them.

Perhaps they can take note from Libya's courageous freedom fighters, who are refusing to do business with companies that had been complicit with Gaddafi's tyrannical regime.

But even from a pure business perspective, why would Miami-Dade County spend taxpayer money on a foreign company that is facilitating (thanks to a credit line from the Brazilian government) a competitive port just 90 miles away -- in Castro's Cuba?

Next time you see a Miami-Dade Commissioner at a Cuban patriotic event, naming a street or hailing political prisoners and pro-democracy activists -- remind them how they lost an opportunity to take a tangible stand on principle.