Record-Shattering Repression in Cuba

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Statement from the Havana-based, Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation:

The Cuban government arrested at least 563 activists for political reasons in September 2011, the highest number in the last 30 years and far above the monthly average of 278 recorded in the previous eight months of this year, as well as the highest number of preventive detentions in Latin America and much of the world. Our Commission is sure that the number of victims of political repression is larger than the number of cases we were able to verify.

As a result of this large number of detentions, in the last five weeks the total number of prisoners for political reasons not only ceased to diminish but has increased by 12 new cases of people who have been taken to high security prisons to wait for trial. We estimate that there are at present about 80 activists already sentenced or under trial for political reasons (17 of them released for reasons of medical incompatibility and 63 in prison).

In September, the same as in previous months, the high level of political repression shows the regime’s absolute lack of political will to improve the civil, political, economic and cultural rights situation for the immense majority of the people.

Meanwhile, the Cuban government keeps sending false signals regarding alleged reforms and making promises that they are ready to break beforehand, and by so doing mocking once again the manifest good will shown by the international community in relation to Cuba.