No Political Reforms in Cuba, Period

Monday, January 30, 2012
Yesterday, at the closing of a Communist Party conference, Cuban dictator Raul Castro stated unequivocally that he had no intention of voluntarily undertaking political reform and allowing a democratic, multi-party political system to flourish.

As famed blogger Yoani Sanchez noted, "there are no political changes of any kind in Raúl Castro’s words. It was a bucket of ice water for those who hoped for openings."

However, Castro didn't want to leave his foreign "experts" and the media without any talking points, so he "promised" support for a limit of two five-year terms for dictators in the future, but said it would require lengthy "legal changes."

Apparently, it'll be a very "complex" process in which Raul will decide who to appoint as the new dictator when (if) he turns 91-years old in 2022.