Chavez Transfers (Stolen) Gold to Cuba

Thursday, February 23, 2012
One of the lessons Venezuela's Hugo Chavez learned from the final days of his Libyan ally Muammar Ghaddafi was not to store his (stolen) wealth abroad, for it could be frozen amid sanctions.

Thus, Chavez quickly repatriated billions worth of gold bullion back to Venezuela from European banks.

At the time, Chavez stated, "the gold is returning to where it was always meant to be: the vaults of the Central Bank of Venezuela."

Now, with his looming health and electoral challenges, it appears Chavez doesn't believe the gold bullion is "safe" (within his grasp) in Venezuela either -- even though it belongs to the Venezuelan people.

So, according to Venezuelan journalist Nelson Bocaranda, Chavez has begun transferring gold bullion to Cuba.

Just wait until the Castro brothers get their hands on it -- if they haven't already.