Jim Belushi Headlines Fundraiser for Castro

Sunday, March 4, 2012
While pro-democracy activists are being beaten senselessly throughout Cuba, American actor Jim Belushi served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Castro dictatorship's mega-luxurious cigar auction (fundraiser), know as the Festival del Habano.

(Question for the Treasury Department: Under what travel category exactly does hosting a fundraiser for the Cuban dictatorship fall under?)

During this event, the Castro regime raised nearly $1 million by auctioning cigars to mega-rich European businessmen and flaunting Cuban women (as Belushi himself "joked" about).

Of course, on hand at this event was Castro's parliamentary leader for-life, Ricardo Alarcon, and his own son, Tony Castro.

Check out their fancy suits below.

You would think celebrities would have learned that it's not "hip" to entertain brutal dictators after it was discovered how Beyonce, Mariah Carey and others swooned at parties for Gaddafi's sons.

Or maybe they just have no conscience.