Kathy Castor's Preference for Dictators

Thursday, April 5, 2012
The Castro dictatorship has tragically engaged in record breaking repression and political arrests.

Peaceful pro-democracy activists, particularly women, are being beaten, dragged through the streets and arbitrarily imprisoned.

Most Members of Congress stand in solidarity with Cuba's courageous pro-democracy movement.

But not U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL).

A look back through her schedule shows she has a preference for meetings with the Castro dictatorship:

Wednesday, March 16

4:00 pm - Cuban Interest Section

5:00 pm - Votes

6:30 pm - Telephone Town Hall

Wednesday, January 26

1:15 pm - Votes

2:00 pm - Meeting with Susan Cassidy, M.D., J.D., CEO of ContourMed Inc to discuss Custom Fabricated Breast Prosthetics Act of 2010

3:00 pm - Meeting: Jodi Ray - Florida Covering Kids & Families, USF

4:00 pm - Meeting - Head of the Cuban Interests Section Jorge A. Bolanos Suarez

And, of course, with Castro's business partners:

Monday, February 28

10:00 am - Meeting with John Thorington, Tampa Port Authority, re: Ferry Service

10:30 am - Meeting with Patrick Mantiega regarding Cuba relations

11:30 am - Meeting with Fassil Gabremariam

1:00 pm -Meeting with Joe Garcia regarding Cuba charter flight service

August 26, 2011 (Friday)

10:00 am - Gateway to Cuba Meeting HCC Ybor