Gov. Scott Retracts Signing Letter

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Governor Scott (finally) does the right thing.

In The Miami Herald:

Gov. Scott retreats from statement calling anti-Cuba law unenforceable

The governor’s office responded to pressure from angry constituents and Miami lawmakers, saying the contentious new law prohibiting governments from hiring companies tied to Cuba and Syria will take effect July 1.

Gov. Rick Scott has started retreating from a controversial statement that a Cuba-crackdown bill he signed the day before was unenforceable.

In a written statement, Scott now acknowledges that the law will go into effect. And he reiterated his support for it — even though he thinks it might not survive a legal challenge.

“Constitutional lawyers have told me that this legislation will be challenged in court. I signed the bill regardless of that fact, and it will become a state law on July 1, 2012,” he wrote. “As Governor, it is my sworn duty to uphold the laws of the state and I will meet any challenge to this law in court as necessary.”