Learn More About Odebrecht

Friday, May 11, 2012
Learn more about how Miami-Dade County's largest contractor, Odebrecht, works against American interest throughout the hemisphere.

An excerpt from "Silver Spoon Socialists Flex Muscles In Brazil" by Brazilian journalist Eric Ehrmann in The Huffington Post:

Brazil's most strategically significant near-government conglomerate seems to live above the law. Unscathed by the scandals is Odebrecht, Brazil's global engineering and contruction firm on par with Bechtel and Fluor runs major operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, and the United States. With its own portfolio of World Cup construction projects the company wields as much influence in shaping the Brazilian political landscape as Koch Industries does in the United States.

What makes the Odebrecht strategy similar to the Koch Brothers, whose brand of American-style economic libertarianism has been buzzed up by WikiLeaks icon Julian Assange and the Swedish Pirate Party that hosted him on their servers, is that their strong investment in political action actually helps incite the anti-American blowback that is gaining traction in Latin America. Meanwhile, slick green building projects appeal to the silver spoon socialists and environmental NGOs and help take the edge off of their assisting quasi-Democratic regimes in Latin America and in Africa, including Angola and other oil rich Portuguese-speaking nations that are of interest to the Pentagon's growing Africa Command.

Odebrecht was a major contributor to the successful Dilma presidential campaign that was managed and fund bundled by wealthy former Trotskyite Dr. Antonio Palocci. A popular physician and mayor of a left leaning college town, Palocci took his red star over to the Workers Party, where he served as finance minister during Lula's Odebrecht-friendly presidential tenure before resigning to avoid prosecution in an influence peddling scandal. Dilma's relationship with Odebrecht goes back to the days when she was Lula's influential minister for mines and energy.

Odebrecht builds logistics and energy security infrastructure that help keep Brasilia's allies the Castro regime, Hugo Chavez and coca farmer Ivo Morales and their socialist international world view in power. Calling Lula "our boss" Odebrecht provided former president Lula with an all expenses paid trip to Castro's Cuba in support of the big sugar ethanol refining project they are building there. Dilma was hobnobbing with the Castros in Cuba in February adding lustre to the big Odebrecht projects when bloody police union strikes broke out in Bahia state, and its governor, Jacques Wagner, was there too.