Whether Ikea, Melia or Odebrecht

Friday, May 4, 2012
As we posted yesterday, former East German Stasi files have revealed how Swedish furniture maker Ikea contracted with the Castro regime to use Cuban political prisoners as slave labor.

Frankly, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine what will be revealed once Castro's secret police files are opened.

And, one day, they will be.

Moreover, this is not a historic anomaly -- it is a current tragedy.

On this very day, foreign companies like Spain's Melia hotel chain and Brazil's Obdebrecht construction group continue to partner with the Castro dictatorship, exploiting enslaved Cuban workers to reap a hefty profit.

Cuban workers are not free to directly contract and enjoy the fruits of their labor, in violation of their fundamental human rights.

It is for this reason that we will continue to oppose U.S. companies joining these unethical practices and continue to pressure foreign companies that turn a blind-eye.